Before VFL Makeover

Immediately After VFL Permanent Makeup

6 Weeks Post Initial Application

A New Year, A New You… with our signature VFL (Non-Surgical, Virtual Facelift) Makeover!

This non-surgical makeover brings me full circle to the very beginnings of my career as an artist in the field of beauty. My passion is the art of makeup and working with women. Over the years, I’ve made it my mission to offer cosmetics that are fast, easy & elegant for color matching, corrective makeup tips & techniques, and daily camouflage, in addition to rejuvenating permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing services. 

As your face changes, I can help you refresh, restore, and renew your look with or without permanent makeup. 

It’s essential to take time to look at yourself – and reevaluate your makeup needs – as you enter different periods in your life. A woman’s face often becomes more defined with time. I don’t have to tell you that our features don’t stay the same, so application techniques must change. 

Perhaps you are not sure about your makeup; would like to reevaluate your application and/or products; or would like instruction to show you where and how you can make the most difference. 

Schedule a one-hour VFL Makeover lesson and application. This makeover is all about using a “no-color” makeup approach to enhance brows, eyeliner, and lips. An even skin tone to take away distractions and adding back color that has softened with time can create a natural-looking non-surgical lift…with or without permanent makeup.  

The VFL Makeover is not “new.” I’ve been creating “non-surgical” facelift results since I began applying permanent makeup; however, there’s a “wow-factor” when all three procedures are done at once. 

I believe I had a little more than five years of experience when I had my first “wow,” and it wasn’t immediately after I finished the work, seeing the before and after pictures (and I don’t claim to be the best at photographing my work (before, during, and after). 

I picked up my photos from the one-hour developer and was sorting the pictures to add to client files when I came across the before and after that showed me the rejuvenation that permanent makeup offers. It was such a surprise to me. There was no denying the improvement upon finishing, even with the swelling and the exaggerated color.  

After all these years, I’m still inspired by the non-surgical, virtual full-face makeover. It gives women transformation, both inside and out.  

My pleasure and mission are to offer you fine products and services and secrets for maintaining “middle age” with permanent makeup. We are innately wired with a desire to be ourselves, including using makeup to achieve the look we desire to feel more like ourselves, only better.

Makeup has been part of a woman’s day forever. Whether it be about protecting our skin from damaging rays with a tinted sunscreen or coating our lashes for a doe-eyed look, no matter your preference or how you feel about yourself, makeup can do the trick.

When properly placed, permanent makeup can restore shape, color, and balance that frequently takes years off. Yes, you can expect to look fresh and content instead of tired or mad. You would be surprised. Our studio gets calls each day, asking about “feathered eyebrows” or the “hair stroke Microblading” technique for natural-looking eyebrows. I recommend a consultation and find out what you can expect from having your brows or lips colored and reshaped with permanent makeup.

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