Areola Repigmentation is one of the rewarding procedures to perform. Many feel it is more straightforward than applying permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, or full lip color. Areola repigmentation, whether it’s just inserting pigment around the white rings around the areola to conceal a light scar or rebuilding a complete areola and nipple coloration, is less complex than performing a complete lip color application.

Cancer patients often remark that having their nipple and areola tattooed is the “icing on the cake!” when going through the areola repigmentation process. Patients feel better about themselves when they look in a mirror with confidence. Now they see breast mounds that have been transformed. Instead of looking at scars, they now see beyond the imperfections. Areola tattoos give them the illusion of a natural-looking breast. They look and feel like themselves again.

Breast Implants

We usually wait at least 9-12 weeks to schedule appointments to apply for areola tattooing. Physicians usually do okay with the procedure as long as the skin is healed around the areola. The breast tissue continues healing and the relaxation process is taking place. Be sure to ask if the implant is under or over the muscle.

During the consultation portion of the appointment, we like to let the patient draw on what size areola they would like, then discuss precisely what they are looking for. Some women request large areolas while others prefer very small. Finally, we tell them that this will probably be the only time in their life that they can have their “DREAM” areolas which always puts a smile on their face!

Nipple Restoration

Nipple restoration usually takes place a few months after breast reconstruction using tissue grafted from the labia, the inside of the thigh, or the back of the ear to rebuild the nipple. Now the initial swelling from the surgery is minimal, and the breast tissue has now become more natural-looking – the skin’s elasticity has relaxed a bit.

More and more women are not choosing to have nipple reconstruction. Instead, they prefer non-surgical areola tattooing. And… it’s a beautiful alternative to having invasive surgery to create a nipple especially after having undergone many surgical procedures. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Patients for Areola Tattoo?

Insurance companies are required by law (as of October 21, 1998) to pay for part or all costs incurred for complete breast reconstruction. Read more about SEC. 901. SHORT TITLE, The “Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998” (WHCRA) 

Every state has different laws about insurance. Learn about insurance coverage for Breast Reconstruction laws in Florida.  

Need for These Services

Because breast cancer patients now have the option for Areola Repigmentation, Sarah receives the referrals of many board-certified physicians. Procedures are offered in her studio located in Pompano Beach, FL. Sarah says that one of the most rewarding feelings is when she helps a patient feel whole again. Remember that men, as well as women, require these services.

To get more information on our Areola Repigmentation, call Sarah Oliver at 954.776.7007 or visit

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