Areola Tattoo For Complete Breast Reconstruction

One of the joys of cosmetic tattooing is helping those with scars and other concerns once their surgery is complete. My experience with scar cover-up or corrective skin re-pigmentation began a little more than 20 years ago. In fact, I started seeing those with scar camouflage right from the time I began tattooing.

Scars are ever-reminding signs of illness, injury, and abnormalities from birth or cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure evidence. Cosmetic re-pigmentation is a great way to cover up or camouflage the scar making it less noticeable, and that can be a big deal if you are embarrassed or self-conscious because your scar is located in a place that is seen daily.

Often, other characteristics play into the scar, such as discoloration (loss of natural pigment or dark coloration resulting from the lesion) and texture inconsistencies. However, most will find that as the scar and surrounding area is tattooed, the tissue will actually relax, and once healed, its’ appearance is improved. Remodeling of the scar happens as the pigment is implanted. The tiny micro-holes break up scar tissue. The result is much like that of a rubber band that has been poked repeatedly with a needle. It relaxes and softens.

This is especially helpful when working with breast reconstruction patients, be it cosmetic or post-mastectomy areola tattoo. Many women find revisions necessary as they continue their reconstructive process. In addition, scars and texture differences vary due to multiple surgeries making the area tattooed a mixture of colors and textures. Note that areola tattooing is a process that involves a series of applications to achieve the desired results. While there is no perfect or back to looking like your original self, the results are usually much improved and pleasant.

Having the areola/nipple tattoo is the final phase for complete reconstruction. It’s a non-surgical procedure with little to no downtime. The process takes about 45 minutes. The area is numbed with a topical numbing cream or serum and heals in 5-10 days. You can expect to feel like you have sunburned nipples for a couple of days, and then they are flaking for a few days. Once the skin returns to its’ natural texture, you are healed. It is best to follow the post-care instructions while healing as well as having them refreshed periodically.

Breast tattooing can last up to 5-10 years; however, most women find that having them refreshed every 2-5 years keeps a good color base, and you will not have to start over. Refreshing your scar camouflage is a 1-2 session process and is best determined individually. Check with your insurance coverage as this procedure is considered part of your reconstruction and covered under the WICRA law.

Find out more by having a personal consultation for an areola tattoo. Discover how you can look and feel better. Bridging the gap from cancer to confidence with Areola Repigmentation – the finishing touch to surgical procedures post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Furthermore, Sarah gives throughout the year for a Day Of Hope. A day set aside where free three-dimensional areola/nipple tattooing will be donated and performed to complete the reconstructed breast mounds of uninsured breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy and remain incomplete. For the upcoming date and more information, visit:

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