Areola Tattoo

Bridging the Gap From Cancer to Confidence!

Patients feel better about themselves & can look in a mirror with confidence. They see breast mounds that have been transformed, instead of looking at scars. Areola tattoos give them the illusion of a natural-looking breast. They look and feel like themselves again.

Nipple & Areola Tattoo is…the “Icing on the Cake!” Three-D Nipple Areola Repigmentation is the finishing touch to surgical procedures post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction. After your mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, permanent makeup can create the illusion of a natural-looking areola and nipple. When you look good, you feel better…more like yourself!

Sarah Oliver Areola Tattoo

Are you uninsured?

For more than 25 years, she would hear from survivors that they couldn’t imagine going through one more surgery or procedure — not even the tattooing — following their mastectomies.- the WHY behind The Day of Hope.

On the Day of Hope, offered several times throughout the year, Sarah volunteers her areola and nipple tattooing services for these survivors by providing complimentary 3-dimensional areola tattooing to women who have undergone reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. Unfortunately, these women may be uninsured or can no longer receive reimbursement from their health care providers. Our goal is to help restore confidence and allow mastectomy survivors to feel feminine and whole once again.

Sarah is proud to be known as the provider of a service that, as many women put it, “is the icing on the cake”; “makes me feel like a girl again”; and “when I look in the mirror I don’t see cancer scars, I have moved on.” For more information, schedule a FREE, No-Obligation Consultation today!

Areola re-pigmentation, also known as areola 3D nipple tattoo, is the finishing touch to surgical procedures post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction, creating the illusion of a natural-looking areola and nipple. 

 After your mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, permanent makeup can restore the breast’s natural appearance after breast surgery by completing the reconstruction process with nipple/areola dermal pigmentation. This non-surgical procedure creates the illusion of a natural-looking areola and nipple that turn flesh mounds into breasts again. 

What You Can Expect

Once you schedule your free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll receive an email confirmation with links to consultation forms you can download, complete and bring with you to your appointment. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision and ultimately the best outcome. 

Afterward, now knowing your benefits, understanding the areola tattoo procedure suggested for you, and having the answers to your questions and concerns, you’ll want to speak with your physician and request a prescription for the recommended procedure(s). 

The procedure takes about 45 minutes and heals within 7-10 days. While there’s no actual “downtime,” you’ll want to stay cool and follow the recommended aftercare provided at your complimentary personal consultation. 

Sarah’s focus is not only on the breast’s exterior beauty, but she treats you as a whole human being considering the psychological effects of breast cancer. Thus, she not only restores the beauty of the breast; she helps you navigate through the process from scheduling to getting the information you need to get for your insurance reimbursement.

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