Microblading Correction Solutions in Pompano Beach, FL

Did something go wrong at your last microblading appointment? When you get permanent makeup applied, you expect to see beautiful, clean results. If you do not get positive results, you don’t have to feel defeated. Sarah Oliver provides microblading correction solutions in Pompano Beach, FL. If you are unhappy with your last microblading session, get in touch with us today to find out what to do next.

When Do You Need Microblading Correction?

Signs of a botched brow microblading job include uneven arches, incorrectly sized needle strokes, and blocks of color. If your eyebrows turn blue or gray or the pigment is too opaque, you need microblading correction. The entire goal of getting permanent makeup applied is to ensure your makeup looks great every day with much less effort. When that doesn’t happen, it’s a sure sign you need professional help.

What Does Good Microblading Look Like?

A professional knows that maintaining the shape of a client’s brows and other facial features is essential to doing a high-quality job. No two people have the same shapes on their faces, therefore, each microblading job is unique to the customer. 

When getting your brows done, the result should be clean, crisp, and precise strokes. With neat and natural-looking lines, you will heal better and see a more beautiful result. Another important quality your brows should have is a natural flow. Brow hair does not stay rigid, so your permanent makeup artist should ensure your brows still look natural by creating a seamless flow.

How to Ensure Successful Microblading?

The best way to ensure your permanent makeup turns out great is to do thorough research into the microblading artist. The technician you choose should also follow hygiene guidelines and make sure you feel comfortable. One great way to make sure your artist is reliable is to ask about past work.

Sarah Oliver has 25 years of experience and is recommended by board-certified physicians. We have performed thousands of procedures, and you can see our amazing results by checking out some of the examples below.

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Nothing is more devastating than having a bad permanent makeup job. Having to cover up or, better yet, keep it covered up is a full-time concern that wears on the emotions. Setting aside all the facts of how it happened or how you decided to have it applied, there is a solution.

Before/Immediately After Lip Correction

Before/Immediately After Lip Correction

Eyebrow Lightening & Re-Pigmentation

Before/Immediately After Eyebrow Re-pigmentation

Eyeliner Correction

Before/After Eyeliner

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