Permanent Makeup for Lips 

Blushed Lips (gloss & go!) | Restore Lipline & Blend | Rejuvenating Full Lip Color

Virtual Facelift


Do you want to simply “gloss and go?”

No matter your desired look or plans — permanent makeup will assure your confidence as you put your best face forward, daytime or evening. 

As an artist, I’ll use artistic principles and my love for color to refresh your look.

Easy, peasy… you apply your favorite lip products for moisture and shine and you’re good to go!.

Virtual Facelift_2


Restore your lip line design with a natural look.

Each of us has four natural (personal) colors — your hair color, eye color, skin tone, and natural lip color.

I will custom-blend your personal lip color and blend it so that you look good all day, every day!

Virtual Facelift_3


Rejuvenate your smile with full lip color to bring back your lips from your younger years.

Perhaps it has been so long since you had lips that you are unsure about the shape and design.

As we age, the area between the underside of our nose and upper lip can become elongated, the cupid’s bow softens, and the corners turn down.

You might be experiencing this to some degree. These are some of my most exciting before and afters because as I redefine the shape of the upper lip, it restores your smile. No more sad or mad, or tired looks. Yayyy!

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