Non-Surgical Facelift

with Permanent Makeup 

Rejuvenating Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Full Lip Coloration

Virtual Facelift

Your appearance is part of your story. It changes over time. 

Permanent Makeup used to be hush, hush – but now,  it’s become more mainstream. Women have discovered the many benefits of having long-lasting beautiful makeup.

No matter how old you are with Permanent Makeup you can get the look you desire… with little discomfort and downtime.

Imagine waking up each morning looking great!

Virtual Facelift_2

Eyebrows are usually the first thing women notice with change. Thinning eyebrows can make you look washed out or tired.

Less hair means less color and definition. It also may cause us to notice that our eyes just don’t pop like they used to.

Having a soft definition restores your look and gives you the confidence that no matter your activities – you look like you are only better!

Virtual Facelift_3

Let’s not forget the many creative ways makeup is used to create the illusion of a more youthful, natural-looking you. 

Balance is key. I mentioned that hair loss translates into color loss. When consulting with women one of the common issues that we speak of is about having a good balance and representation of each facial feature so that one is not getting all of the attention. 

For instance, instead of noticing your beautiful blue eyes with a Virtual Facelift (permanent makeup for eyes, brows, and lips), each works together and the result is “WOW!”

Permanent Makeup takes years off and can give you a lift from the inside out. 

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