Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Yes, you can have perfect eyeliner every day! Whether you wear soft, smudgy eyeliner, use a classic lined approach; or define your eyes with bold color, permanent eyeliner can bring it on and change your morning makeup regime. How how much time do you spend trying to get your eyeliner on perfectly, or at least close? You know the frustration and angst.

No matter what happens, what you are up to, or how your day unfolds, cosmetic tattoo procedures can give you confidence because you will no longer worry about reapplying or retouching to keep your look all through the day. 

You may want to consider the following when having your eyeliner applied:

  • Suppose you want a natural look and have sparse, light eyelashes. In that case, it’s best, to begin with, an “average” eyeliner to complement the eye without overdoing it, avoiding a bulls-eye effect. 
  • When “bold” eye lines are preferred, always have the eyeliner drawn on for your approval to ensure a symmetrical application. Approach “winged” liner designs with caution because nothing is worse than droopy-winged eyeliner.
  • Colors can be custom blended and combined in a variety of designs. Additions such as smudgy or smoky effects take an eyeliner design from basic to unique for your eyes.
  • The procedure itself takes about 30-45 minutes. First, eyes are pre-treated with a numbing cream for about 20—30 minutes. Then throughout the process, eyes are flushed with soothing eyewash and additional numbing.
  • Eyes heal very quickly, and you are back in eye makeup in 3 days. Some women swell. Others do not. You can expect to look like you have just had a good cry. So if you get puffy and red from crying, that will be what you will look like afterward for several hours. It’s best to sleep with an extra pillow that first night or two to avoid additional swelling.

Always see your practitioner for a follow-up session to make any adjustments to color and design. This second application will serve to add longevity to your eyeliner procedure. Most of the time, refreshing is unnecessary for 2-5 years or more. 

Because you have no experience with permanent eyeliner, you may choose to be conservative about the lines applied. It’s good to do what you are comfortable with because you have more or darker color added. It’s better than feeling like you have too much permanent eyeliner and not looking like yourself.

Permanent Makeup is Like Good Medicine

If you are reading this article, it’s because you may be browsing for help with your makeup. Many women have challenges or health concerns, making an ordinary task such as putting your makeup on difficult.  

Be it tremors, loss of eyesight, or difficulties using your arms or hands, permanent makeup can ease the stress and embarrassment that comes along with poorly applied makeup. Consider having permanent makeup applied in the same fashion as your conventional daily makeup. You’ll save time and have healthier esteem because you will be looking your best all the time. So often people will tell you that even look younger than before.

You’ll be happy to have cosmetic tattooing on those days when you’re not feeling your best. There’s something to be said about our attitudes improving when we look good on the outside. It will give you a little nudge and encourage you to take other positive actions, and treating yourself better is always a really good thing.  

If you are considering permanent makeup, you’ll want to consider the following:

  1. Schedule a consultation to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are answered to your satisfaction. If you do not understand or can make sense of the explanations or have difficulty connecting with the practitioner, it makes sense to have another consultation with a different artist. You do not want to risk misunderstanding, which would affect the outcome. 
  2. Make an informed decision. It’s best to schedule your procedure at a time separate from your consultation so that you can consider the information and, if necessary, change your mind. 
  3. If you have any health issues that a physician is currently treating, contact them and check to see if you need to wait or if your doctor gives you their okay.
  4. Check your calendar so that you can advise the practitioner of your plans to vacation or travel; attend a special occasion; have dental work done; and let them know if you get regular facials and massages, as well as your exercise regime. These are a few of the most common activities to consider scheduling around to allow the best possible preparation and healing.  

Looking your best is easier when you have your eyes, brows, and lips enhanced with permanent cosmetics. If you need a helping hand, permanent makeup could be your answer. 

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