Natural-looking eyebrows with hair strokes or a feathering technique are what women request most when scheduling their eyebrow appointment.

In recent years “Microblading” began making the headlines in the beauty industry. It was all the buzz, and callers asked about it and if we provide the service. Of course, I do, along with several other looks and techniques.

My initial training was with a master artist using the manual method of permanent makeup. I began using a hand tool to manually implant the pigment and, over the years, developed the art using a machine operated double-coil or handpiece. Like other permanent makeup techniques, manual methods and microblading are considered to be semi-permanent.

A hair stroke or feathered brow may be what you’re looking for if your brows have lost their shape or are thinning. This look has many variations that include using multiple colors, micro strokes infused with microblading, powdering techniques, and more.

On the other hand, if you are a woman with little to no eyebrow left, you are used to seeing yourself with eyebrows drawn on reasonably solid. The change in look may not be as appealing to you, and in most cases, you will benefit most from a combination of hair strokes and powdered techniques.

No matter what you decide, the results are a natural, flawless, fuller looking brow, and they will fade significantly over the two weeks following the initial application.

Yes, this, too, is true with other forms and applications of tattooed eyebrows. You will leave the studio with brows twice as dark as you want them, and in most cases, you will want to have a touch-up or follow up application done. It is tough to predict how well the individual client will retain the pigment… but it is usually about 40-60% of the original color.

While the results can last anywhere from 11 to 18 months for Microblading, depending on different factors affecting the procedure, a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment. Other forms of cosmetic tattoo application may keep the color better or longer, and you may expect to refresh in 1-3 years.

Remember, eyebrows are naturally falling out or shedding and being replaced. As we age, the re-growth is less and less, and therefore you may need a touch up to further enhance your brows for that reason.

It’s wise to consider the other factors involved in the permanent makeup application process and make your decision an informed one. Merely choosing a new practitioner or with little experience with permanent makeup application because they are offering the latest such as “Microblading,” may not be as essential or wise. If you can achieve the same natural look with your makeup is done with a seasoned artist and practitioner. Permanent eyebrows make a difference!

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