As a woman, you know there’s always been a lot of tension about the expectations of women to look “beautiful.” For some women, makeup is a part of their femininity that they’d rather forgo entirely. For others, perhaps like yourself, it’s a wonderland of color and opportunity for personal expression. No matter your preference, I’d like to talk today a bit about how permanent makeup can give you a confidence boost.

No, wearing makeup isn’t the same thing as having a positive self-image. But, in my personal opinion and my artistic experience, permanent makeup can give women a sense of control over their looks. While my grey brow hairs don’t bother me most of the time, I feel more confident – a little sassy when I swipe on some brow mousse for date night.

And I’m not the only person with this point of view. I hear this from my clients regularly.

Women in Makeup (Often) Feel More Confident and Can Affect Other’s Perceptions

From what I gleaned in reading various studies, women with makeup are rated as more attractive and better hires. Would you agree that it translates into how others experience, see and value them because they value themselves?

In another study, researchers asked 100 females to imagine themselves in various situations. They were to imagine themselves either wearing makeup or not wearing makeup. The study showed that women who imagined themselves in their regular cosmetic routine tended to be more self-confident and friendly, and that’s just “picturing” themselves in makeup.

And another study even found that overall, women rated themselves as more attractive — even when considering conditions that cosmetics don’t affect, like weight — when wearing makeup.

How do you feel about yourself when you see photos of you wearing makeup? Are you more apt to perceive yourself as more attractive, more likely to be hired, healthier, and more confident?

I’m certainly not implying that makeup makes women more attractive. It is just one of the most common, along with scent, color, and other personal expressions.

Makeup Has Its Ups and Downs

It has also been my observation that women essentially can make themselves more attractive and that in and of itself is empowering.

Additionally, there are two kinds of makeup wearers, I have found. I’ll call them “camouflage” and “seduction.” Please allow me to frame them a bit for understanding loosely. Women who use makeup as camouflage tend to be less self-assured, perhaps more defensive, and some even anxious out of the need to be perfect or prove themselves. In contrast, women who wear makeup for seduction tend to be more confident, extroverted, assertive, and friendly.

Essentially, in how well-fitting clothes can help us highlight our best qualities, permanent makeup is most beneficial when used to make us feel prettier by restoring the shape of brows, eyes, and lips and add the finishing touches.

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