Were you wanting to enjoy your summer with the freedom of looking your best but are stuck covering up poorly placed permanent makeup and need Permanent Makeup Correction?

Well, that was your plan, but it may not have worked out that way. I don’t like hearing these botched permanent makeup jobs. The many stories I’ve heard over the years about your uneven eyebrows or blue blotchy lips.  The embarrassment and how you’ve struggled with all of the heartaches of trying to cover up poorly placed permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips, and keeping them covered up. It’s a constant reminder that you have terrible permanent makeup?!

Hindsight is our best teacher. If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve been getting good at researching to find the best possible way to get permanent makeup correction. Here’s what you have probably found out:

  1. It’s not always the best price that gets the best result and correction costs too!
  2. Getting “wowed” by pictures and brochures that did not represent the person applying your permanent makeup’s actual work is no substitute for seeing the person’s work.  
  3. You want to be involved in selecting colors used, placement, and design of your procedure. 
  4. Understanding the pre and post-care instructions gets the best healing and can give you a more confidant experience.
  5. Having the permanent cosmetics applied the same day as your consultation is not always the best idea because you may have thought it all through and came to a different decision. 
  6. You have the right to understand everything about the procedure before you have the work done. Making an informed decision is best, with no pressure.  

If you are tired of covering up bad permanent makeup, you can get it all turned around and have a more positive experience with a seasoned, trained specialist. Please ask them all about their training in “correcting bad permanent makeup.” How many hours was the class? Did you work on real people or not? What do their continuing education and development of their art look like? Ask to see pictures of their corrective work, including all correction stages (before, during, after, and a healed version). If the person is qualified, they will have pictures to show you because nothing is more satisfying than to have a beautiful correction. They will want to show off their work if they don’t have it be willing to consult with someone else. It’s worth your time, and permanent makeup is so good when done well.  

Some of the corrective techniques I utilize include safe and easy tattoo lightening and removal.

When colors are too dark or have healed an objectionable color it’s the best place to begin. Let’s get rid of or minimize the unwanted. Then once the canvas is better, which could take 1-3 or more sessions, you are ready for your new design if colorwork is needed to achieve your desired look.  

You may ask, “Why can’t you just cover up what I don’t like?” It is my goal to eliminate any unwanted tattoo; otherwise, you will continue paying to maintain something that you didn’t want in the first place. Get rid of tattoo mistakes with permanent makeup correction. You will feel better and enjoy your summer!

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