Skin needling scar treatments work! They are a safe, effective, and result-producing method for relaxing and remodeling scars, improving the feel and look whether they are new or old.

A scar is a lot like a rubber band. They are tight and can be tough, raised, and uncomfortable. Imagine poking micro-holes all through the rubber band and think about the rubber band weakening and relaxing. The tight, elastic feel is lost with repeated treatments. That’s a simple way to envision the effects of Micro-needling. You could be reading this article as a result of searching words such as “Micro-needling,” “skin needling,” “scar remodeling,” “scar revisions,” or “scar treatments.” While needling scars is not a new thing, it’s one of the latest cosmetic trends.

Scar relaxation and remodeling go back to the 1970s or earlier as doctors look for ways to revise the scars from multiple cleft-lip patients’ numerous surgeries. Many patients ended up with thick tight scars in and around the lip/mouth area, and in addition to scarred appearance, they suffered a loss in their range of motion. Opening their mouth for simple things like eating and brushing their teeth was compromised, not to mention their speech was affected as well. This wonderfully inspired treatment rendered results, and so began skin needling.

You may be interested to know that many scars are treatable. Scars resulting from illness, surgery, injury, and burns.

Treatments are generally administered every 6-8 weeks and can vary from person to person as each scar is unique. Scars resulting from reconstructive surgeries, injury, or cases, whereas multiple surgeries are required, are almost always suited for skin needling. Skin needling can be administered dry or with specially formulated serums referred to as “sub-injectibles.”

What are treatments like, you might ask? They are basically like getting a tattoo without color or with a serum instead of color. The healing time is approximately 5-7 days. In the first 3-4 days, the treated area will feel like it is sunburned. Usually, by day 3-4, a soft crust has formed, and it will flake off somewhere between day 5-7. After the flaking, the skin will have a pink-red color, and a healing cream is applied twice daily for a healthy skin replacement.

Usually, results can be seen after the first treatment, and as the skin heals may continue to improve over the following 6 weeks. Skin will look and behave healthier, and you may even see signs of increased blood circulation in the area.

Frequently, scars from the face and brow lifts will relax, and to their surprise, persons will experience a more comfortable feel. They weren’t even aware that they were feeling tight in that area until after the treatment. Skin needling improves texture, feel, or sensation and even sometimes stimulates a natural re-pigmentation of the scarred area, making re-pigmentation with tattoos unnecessary.

It’s best not to re-color skin with a cover tattoo until after experiencing 1-2 skin needling treatments. Then you can decide if you want to even out skin tone. It’s good to know that there are options for scar treatment that includes skin needling and tattoo re-pigmentation.

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