Are you tired of penciling your lips on and want to look as good as you feel?

…then read on and find out how permanent lip color can give you the look and freedom you want… all the time.

When women are asked about the one cosmetic they never leave home without 9 times out of 10, they will tell you lipstick. One poll found that one in three women would never leave the house without wearing makeup and that nearly 23% reapply it within just two or three hours of being out. 

So it’s no surprise that when consulting with women about permanent makeup procedures, saving time, and looking at their best are significant factors in making their decisions. 

Some things you will want to discuss with the artist when exploring your options for permanent lip color are:

  1. Point out any imperfections you would want to correct or minimize and ask how that might look.
  2. If you looking to rejuvenate your look, what would they recommend for color and design?
  3. Do you wear lipstick each day, or do you simply “gloss and go” and perhaps how the full lip color lends itself to your desired look? 
  4. Perhaps it has been so long since you have had lips that you are unsure about the shape and design. Have them demonstrate their thoughts.
  5. Be sure that you are fully aware of the recommended “pre” and “post” procedure instructions so that you have the very best possible healing and results.

Often, we hear what is being said and yet not listen, so read the consultations forms carefully and discuss the recommended pre and post-procedure instructions to ensure that you are clear on proper care.

I find that when clients understand the procedure entirely from pre-numbing, design, application, and healing, everything goes better. Having it all in writing is the best policy because you can then refer to it for understanding, as it is a very predictable process. 

If you have had a tattoo in the past much of what you experience will be the same. While the pigments for permanent makeup are a little different, the healing is the same.

Pigments used for “cosmetic use” (on the face) are blended specifically for that – cosmetic use and generally do not produce a “stamped on” look unless the cosmetic tattoo is not applied correctly.

It is always best to see pictures or live examples when possible of the artist’s work as what you feel is natural-looking may not agree with the person applying the permanent makeup.

Are you looking to save time, have a physical impairment that makes putting your makeup on difficult, or would like the addition of color to establish a more youthful look? If so, permanent makeup for the lips is a beautiful remedy without surgery and downtime that will make looking your best a beautiful thing!  

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